FlexM by MatchMove - Employer

FlexM by MatchMove- Employer offers a flexible, cost efficient and convenient method of managing payroll. It is a free bulk payout service for real- time secure payments of commissions and salaries. Employees will receive a virtual wallet and a prepaid MasterCard.

  • Reduces payroll costs
  • No more cash payments
  • Increases processing efficiency
  • Easier to handle and control
  • Builds employee satisfaction
  • History and analytics
  • Admin portal
FlexM Employer

How it works

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The employer will get access to a company management portal

The employees will receive a virtual wallet and a prepaid MasterCard

The employer can now conduct bulk payout of salaries

The employees receive their salaries instantly in their wallet

Top up

The employer can top up an employee´s salary through the management portal. The system is created so that the employer can efficiently do secure bulk payouts to individual or multiple wallets at the same time.

Balance and transactions

The employer gets a complete overview of the company´s balance and payment history in the management portal.

Employees can overview individual balance and transaction history in their virtual wallet.

Transfer credit

Coming soon